Frequently Asked Questions

Get to know us and how we enhance the businesses of our clients

What is Contarg?

Contarg is a Software Consulting Company specialized in Comercial and Technological Business issues. It is formed by a team of knowledgeable professionals with extensive experience, aimed at providing efficient and scalable solutions.

Pricing of Services

In Contarg we believe in the power of strategic partnership with our client and that is why we don't ask for any upfront payments until the start of the development.

Can I ask for more indepth information about our services?

Of Course! Get in touch with us so you can evaluate our services and find a custom solution to secure and administrate the data of your business. Only with a click on 'Begin transformation' you can schedule a meeting with our representantives

Can I ask for non-technological developments?

Yes! In Contarg we also have experience in other fronts like Banking, Finance, Productive, Sales and many more. And among all that we aim to solve the problem the fastest and more efficient way possible using solutions of short, medium and long scope.

I already have a ongoing development, can I implement your services?

We are glad to be supporting your business and we hope to keep supporting you. Please contact us so we can discuss your requirements and resources and how can we customiza a roadmap for your team

What is your coverage area?

In Contarg there is no such thing as too far. If there is a project to be developed we will find the resource to overcome things as distance or linguistic barriers.